Identify OBDII Port Location

All vehicles sold these days, roughly from 1996+ will have an On-Board Diagnostics (OBDII) Port. There are many  resources for locating your vehicles OBDII port out there such as CarMDProgressiveThe Diagnostic Box and many more.

Your car's OBD-II Port normally is located in one of the three areas highlighted below.

The most common location is in section 3 below, which is just left of the steering wheel and underneath your dashboard.

Some vehicle's OBDII Port might be located behind a latch or contain a protective cover. You should not have to do anything more than just open it up to reveal the OBDII port. 

OBDII port location is the auto mechanics pro concern not for users of the vehicle, therefore its safe to drive without knowing it's location .

Remember: The OBDII port is designed to be easily accessible by every auto manufacturer

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