Automotive ECU reprogramming

These days vehicles come with numerous computers that manage all of their systems. These computers often need their software be updated to improve perfomance, reduce emissions, increase fuel economy, accept new replacement part, address fault complaints or as part of technical service procedure issued by vendors.

WiZDON Technologies uses state of art diagnostics and programming systems to diagnos and verify if your vehicle's computer software needs an update and how to deal with fault complaints raised by your vehicle


We have experienced proffesionals in auto electric, mechanics and software, therefore with us your vehicle is all covered and thus your satisfaction is guaranteed. No matter how far you are, always service is at your door step. Just contact us and see what we can do to serve. We support variety of vehicle brands from cars to trucks most of them with manufacturer provided software. 

Drive eco, comfortable and economy with maximum performance of your vehicle with us covering your back. 

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